Art and Ink Branded Apparel: Custom Bags

Custom Bags

Matching the elements of the perfectly practical bag, with a great piece of logo-art and the required colorways can be tricky, but our skilled embroidery team and design department know how to create the perfect harmony every time. Whether it's for a piece of corporate merchandise for a giveaway, or a practical utility bag for a specific task, we've got you covered. Drop us a line about your luggage needs here.

Custom Backpack

This custom backpack is all about simplicity, style and functionality. These components are what’s happening in today’s bag market. We added custom branded hardware and a super-cool printed lining giving it the subtle style that worked in a big way! It’s constructed from nylon, making…

Branded Tactical Holster

Our client, an NRA licensee, asked us to make a branded tactical holster bag for the retail needs of a very particular client. We utilized 1080 nylon for durability along with with nylon stitching reinforcements in the high stress areas. We designed the strap using…

McLiffe Bicycle Messenger Bag

Bicycle Messenger/ Urban Backpack: This backpack is clean, functional, understated and timeless which is hard not to love for its utility. Our client wanted a bag that was versatile, with a simple design aesthetic and virtually indestructible. We built this bag using 1080 nylon making…

Clinch Gear MMA Backpack

This Clinch Gear MMA Backpack convertible gym bag backpack was created for a client looking for a technical bag for mixed martial arts training. The bag need to highly functional and hold both pre-, and post-work out clothing such as towels, tanks, shorts, snacks, etc….