A Fender T-shirt. Always an awesome challenge for us. This time the legendary axe-maker for the Gods of Rock required nothing less than a creamy-soft, top-drawer 100% cotton t-shirt which could match the quality of their incredible instruments, and that was the easy part! That famous electric cerulean blue which Fender has used for generations on their guitars needed to be perfectly—and we do mean Perfectly—matched on the print.

We immediately reached for our Spectra 3100 “Cotton Perfection” tees—the Stratocaster of the T-shirt world and a perfect canvas for this kind of technical print, especially if you want the deepest black and a whiter-than-white “pop” to your finished tees. The ultimate challenge was trying to recreate a blue to match the famous Fender Daphne Blue of 1950s Stratocaster fame. After some late-night wizardry in the lab we cooked up the perfect blue to match these legendary Fender guitars and got busy with a soft-hand plastisol front and back print, with a discrete custom neck print to tie it all together. A perfect tee, fit for The King.