Autocamp is a favorite brand of ours and we like nothing more than adding top-drawer items to the range of Autocamp caps. Autocamp’s brand is steeped in heritage design with a lovely vintage aesthetic, coupled with a modern and rugged edge. To ensure the new Autocamp caps were on point we didn’t hesitate to recommend classic Flexfit 6606 truckers, a true staple and a fine, hard-wearing cap, perfect for Autocamp’s needs. These caps are pure dynamite with a contrasting trucker-style meshed back panel, a matching rear snap, hard buckram and similarly matching undervisor. Flexfit build tough gear which is perfect for Autocamp’s outdoorsy needs and brand appeal. These stunning caps also come in an astonishing range of exquisite colors you don’t see everyday and it is a cinch matching Autocamp’s gorgeous branding palettes with this fine range of Flexfit trucker caps. For us the crown jewel was stitching on our custom embroidered center patches, created from Autocamps killer branding, to complete the perfect piece of punctuation on a classic cap to finish off a simply great piece of merchandising.