Can Art & Ink create awesome branded bottles and drink-ware? Of course we can and there are a lot of good reasons we love this steadily growing category of branding opportunities. Art and Ink is committed to Mother Earth, and any opportunity to help her out is a pleasure. Like keeping single-use plastic out of our oceans and dumps by creating branded bottles and drink-ware so incredible you’ll want to use them all the time. Not only are they great to use, these branded bottles feature top-shelf design elements like evenly contoured sides and snug-fit lid with a durable rubber retaining strap to ensure it never gets lost.

Designed from BPA free stainless steel these double walled vacuum insulated bottles keep things cool and warm, just as you want them, for the better part of your day. Try that plastic! For our good friends at FundLoans we chose to screen print the FundLoans logo onto the black background of the bottle because it really makes their logo leap out. Believe us when we say that was no easy choice for us because we’ve really been enjoying laser etching these babies lately.