We were more than just a little excited when we connected with the national running retail chain, Fleet Feet. Fleet Feet was having a tough time trying to source a simple green tee shirt to match their technical gear and accessories. We contacted SpectraUSA and asked them if they could do a run of custom green t-shirts for this special project, matching the specific color Fleet Feet had specified. We settled on SpectraUSA’s bi-blend t-shirt, a cotton and polyester blend, which is great for athletic sports and the needs of high-performance bodies. These tees function beautifully, with moisture managing wicking ability they are engineered to keep the wearer cool while they work out, and they wear beautifully. This full package project took shape when we folded and packaged the garments individually in poly-bags, added UPC bar-code labels, and created custom interior neck art. The end result was exactly what Fleet Feet was looking for and we feel like we smashed the winning homer for them.

The Fleet Feet Running Club t-shirts are top of the line SpectraUSA bi-lend t-shirts (52% cotton / 48% polyester) with one pass of soft hand plastisol print for a gentle hand feel, ensuring the print won’t feel too heavy or constrictivewhen the wearer is running or working out. We designed and printed custom interior neck prints, folded, packaged the tees individually and printed UPC bar-code labels so the products can be scanned at the distribution center. Who’s Retail ready!!