Who doesn’t like a party? And a Cuban themed one no less! We created this stylish branded Fedora for  a Cuban themed party Triumph Capital, a long-standing client, was hosting.  Now there are Fedoras, and there are “feeble-doras,” but the team at Art & Ink managed to source the perfect straw Fedoras, painstakingly removing the headband by hand, stitch by everlovin’ stitch; embroidering six logos onto them and then reattaching the headbands for a seamless transition from unbranded to branded Fedora. What started out as an incredibly challenging and technical job became a really fulfilling result when our client got a look at the finished product. We’re really proud of these incredible hats which we created for Triumph Capital, so fetching and so Cuban they can almost go cha-cha-cha all on their own.