The spectacular acrobatics and gravity defying feats of the emergent sport of Parkour are truly something to behold. OLLO, is the most authentic, core brand in the Parkour industry, making truly awesome technical footwear for the sport. For their apparel they turned to Art and Ink and we are truly proud to be a part of their incredible ascendancy. We share a lot of values with OLLO, not least of which is a dedicated commitment to quality. Something you’ll notice from our shirts, to our prints to our cap embroidery. At Art and Ink, every stitch counts even more so when it’s to be found on an incredible piece of cap embroidery like the one below we created for OLLO, in a 3D embroidered logo on the front panel of this FlexFit 6089 cap. That’s one hard-wearing cap from the folks at FlexFit and should make and traceur, or traceuse for that matter, proud. When the brand is as notable and tight as OLLO, you want the logo to leap off the brim like this one.