For OLLO athletes its comes down to basics: A highly functional form fitting t-shirt. Which is exactly what we’ve created for them with our latest iteration of these fantastic OLLO printed t-shirts. OLLO has their eye fixed on quality merchandise and we couldn’t agree more, which is why we specified nothing less that SpectraUSA’s 3100 line of T-shirts. Dubbed the “Cotton Perfection” this shirt offers the darkest black in the business and, if you want your logo to pop off it like OLLO‘s this is the t-shirt you reach for every time. It is a 100% cotton t-shirt, combed and ring-spun into a smooth, creamy fabric which is a delight to wear but also a dream to print on. Particularly for discharge printing which we created for OLLO here. When you spend your days leaping tall buildings in a single bound, climbing walls, clearing obstacles and hurtling around your neighborhood at breakneck speeds, you value quality build in a t-shirt.