Excelsior is a unique San Francisco coffee experience, everything about this great brand is truly on point, from their amazing coffee to their moto  inspired logo, as well as their location in one of our favorite cities. That’s not to say this job was a cinch by any means. The gorgeous mustard-gold branding was no easy feat to match, but match it we did, ensuring every aspect of Excelsior’s epic branding, from their patches, to their headwear labels, to the print strike offs on their shirts. We even went to the extraordinary lengths to have a range of pre-production samples of the merchandise made up for this exacting client, which we scrutinized with the design gurus at Excelsior, to ensure every element of their branding experience was drilled and executed with military precision.

Locking down the Excelsior t-shirt print colors meant first printing a white base on each and every shirt, to ensure that their stunning mustard-gold branding shone true to Pantone spec on every single print we created for them. Just look at that checkerboard, moto-inspired detailing on their long sleeve t-shirts! That is the result of a plastisol print with minimal passes—to maintain a naturally soft hand with outstanding opacity—whilst, at the same time, locking in that vibrant mustard color.

For the mercurial San Francisco weather we created a simple range of hats to keep off the sun and keep out the cold, again with the eye-catching Excelsior Coffee branding front and center. We built a mirrored edge, embroidered twill patch for their FlexFit  dad hats; and, for their FlexFit cuffed, plush beanies we stitched woven labels onto the front of the cuff to help head off the nasty weather. Every aspect of the merchandising worked out well and was the result of our close working relationship with Excelsior—a team who is not known for cutting any corners and, our knack for creating a top-shelf product, and, of course, no shortage of great coffee.