Now here’s some kit that’s designed to motivate! Our good friends and client STACYC have seen great success in the Moto space with their push bikes that help kids bridge the gap from push- or traditional bicycles to Moto-x bikes.

The STACYC management team wanted to inspire and reward their reps by getting them a package of top-of-the-line merchandise timed to arrive on the day of their big sales meeting. The Art & Ink team crafted a premium range of branded products to use and wear at work, or even just to hang out in, including branded pens, cups, flasks, jackets and tees, not to mention a branded everyday bag from the Oakley range.

We sourced the perfect combo of high-end t-shirts and button-front collared shirts, casual polos and jackets, finishing them with printed and embroidered STACYC logos and branding. We also included branded journals, and drinkware (for after-hours use of course). To enhance the Christmas-came-early unboxing experience we carefully loaded it all into their embroidered bags and ensured it was all delivered on time for a company-wide surprise. 

We know these reps are fired up to get back on the road and call on their customers sporting their new gear. Let us know how we can assist you to create a one-of-a-kind branding experience for your clients or team.