Being motor-heads ourselves, we get all excited anytime we work with anyone involved in the motorsports industry. When some fellow motor-heads approached up for assistance with their branding and merchandising needs were more than just a little delighted to take on the opportunity of creating Throtl’s branded tees for them. After “kicking the tires” on the requirements for these Throtl branded Tees we recommended our go-to favorite black blank, the Spectra Cotton Perfection 3100. There is no question that it is the darkest, richest black t-shirt out there today and, because it is 100% ring-spun cotton, it is a dream to print on. This tee really gives a great touch but also allows for art to really pop off it. For Throtl’s branded tees we chose a classic motor-head fave, a rich plastisol print to distinguish the clean, crisp, and tight lines of their graphics and showcase the LS1 (Chevy V8) and 2JZ (Toyota Supra) motors. Throtl loved the results.