We couldn’t help ourselves, we had to reach out to the owner of Waypoint Public to let him know just how much we enjoy the food at this incredible San Diego eatery. As luck would have it this was the start of a great relationship and the birth of the awesome Waypoint Public Camo FlexFit Snapback Cap. We have done more than a few items of branded merchandise for both Waypoint Public and Park & Rec so we were quite familiar with their needs and the great standard they like to keep for all their quality swag. Few things say “street” and have that instant, eye-catching “pop” like nuclear orange on a camouflage background. The client insisted on a pure, clean cyan blue for the embroidery, but we made a few extra in the bright orange just because. As it turns out our call on the orange embroidery was the owner’s clear favorite by far and they were truly stoked with the results. We’re particularly proud of the detailing on this embroidery job with the slightly raised outline on the bear, not an easy thing to get 100% right but we nailed it. We know that all good embroideries depend on quality digitizing and we made sure to go the extra mile on the Waypoint Public Camo FlexFit Snapback Cap to lock in the quality and create some epic swag for one of our favorite restaurants.